The Benefits of Meditation

Meditation relaxes the mind, and consequently, the body. From personal experience, different meditations have helped me gain control over panic attacks from trauma, reduce muscle tension and pain, decrease anxiety and fear of pain, and provide a sense of well-being.

Diaphragmatic Breathing​


Lie down with a pillow under your knees. Place one hand on your chest and the other hand on your upper abdomen, just below your rib cage. Breathe into this area, feeling your diaphragm expand. Exhale naturally. After a few breaths, place your hands on each side of your rib cage. Breathe in and feel your rib cage expand, then exhale naturally.

A Quick Relaxation


Exhale completely. 1. Gently smile to yourself while inhaling through your nose to a count of 4. 2. Pause. Hold your breath for a count of 7. 3. Exhale through your mouth (it may help to purse your lips) while silently counting to 8. 4. Pause. 5. Repeat this 3 more times or as long as you need.

Autogenic Relaxation
- 12 mins.

Need to relax muscle tension?

A guided mediation that uses simple phrases and imagery to elicit a relaxation response in the body, mind, and entire nervous system.

Relaxation & Safe Place Meditation
- 30 mins

Experience anxiety, panic, or fera of pain?

This meditation guides you through creating your own special image that gives you a feeling of comfort and safety. With practice, you will easily & quickly be able to recall this image at any time when you need to feel safe.I found this technique very helpful to regain a sense of safety during panic attacks from experiencing heightened pain.​

Body Scan Meditation
- 20 mins

Feel disconnected from your body and anxious?

A great excuse to lie down and relax! This meditation helps to reconnect with and increase awareness of your body. I found this helpful also for caregivers, especially in my hospice work, to help them get back into their body and find a sense of calmness. I hope you enjoy it.

*Note: If you have trouble feeling your body part, place a tennis ball under each body part & move it back and forth to bring your awareness in that area.

Body Position - 11 mins.

Fearful of pain and being in your body?

This technique increases awareness of the connection of body and emotions, noticing how even subtle shifts in movement may create shifts in emotions. 


Tree Imagery
- 11 mins

Need to feel strong, powerful, grounded, and energized?

Pain often makes us feel unsafe in our body, vulnerable, and powerless.This experiential, somatic technique guides you through imagining and feeling yourself as “being a tree”, feeling strong, grounded, powerful, and energized. You can also imagine your legs and feet as roots, releasing pain into ground, neutralizing it.

In Our Mind Anything Is Possible!


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