Podcast: Sharing My Experiences with Pain and Healing

In this podcast, I share with Emmy Vadnais, a Holistic Occupational Therapist, my healing journey from back injuries that kept me bedridden on and off for 2 years, along with 5 years of learning to walk again. For me, healing means connecting to our true self and embracing all that we are so that we may live life with meaning and joy. I also hope to be a voice for people who experience pain, educating others on the multi-dimensional effects of pain and the resulting struggles.

11:20 Meditation as a Coping Strategy
18:38 Emotions & Pain
23:00 The Balance between Activities & Pain
31:00 BioPsychoSocialSpiritual Components
35:00 Fatigue & Chronic Pain/Illness & the famous Spoon Theory
41:46 Pain & Trauma/PTSD/Panic Attacks
45:00 Gaining a Sense of Control
49:50 Discussing Pain Medication & the Opioid Crisis

You can find more podcasts by Emmy at HolisticOT.
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Holiday Stress Busters

It’s that time of year – November. That means the holiday season is soon to start and last a few months. Family and friends gathering together in good cheer. It is fun…and exhausting!

If you experience chronic pain or another illness, you know we often run on a very limited supply of energy. Illness already takes a lot out of us. In this respect, a person is like a car. If a car has only a quarter of a tank of gas, depending on how many places the car travels and how much gas is required, the tank eventually reaches empty and the car stops, becomes non-functional, until the tank is filled up again.

Each activity in the day, from getting out of bed, to brushing teeth, to going to work, picking up the kids, requires a cert amount of fuel from his or her “tank”. Once the tank is empty, the energy is often gone for that day. You can run on fumes, pushing through more activities, but this only exacerbates illness’ symptoms. If we keep pushing ourselves without fuel, we burn ourselves out and fall apart emotionally and or physically.


Below are some ideas I hope you find helpful.

Holiday Stress Busters

  1. Set expectations. Plan what you will and will notdo. Write it down for others to see.
  2. Ease up on yourself. Just say NO to extra work in and out of the home.
  3. Allow yourself to ask for help and delegate tasks. It is okay to not do everything yourself.
  4. Explain to people that you want to focus on the “spirit of the holiday” instead of over-working and creating a painful flair-up.
  5. Order food, use frozen hor douvres, and buy a pie. Serve them on your decorative serving trays. Don’t tell that Mr. Trader Joe made it.
  6. Cook food a little at a time and store it in the freezer. Pie fillings I make in advance and store in plastic freezer bags. Now I buy pie crusts instead of making them from scratch. No one has to know.
  7. Cook in a slow-cooker.
  8. Sit down when preparing a recipe.
  9. Make it a potluck Ask people to bring food. Or ask people to make and bring the food that is the hardest for you to make.
  10. Stock up on sleep. Stick to a designated sleep time one week in advance. Set the alarm clock to ensure you go to bed on time. Record the T.V. shows you do not want to miss.
  11. Hire a housekeeper before the event and or after. This one time cost may be well worth it.
  12. Plan a break before the big event. Let others know not to disturb you and for how long. Sometimes I go to my parents’ house for the night when I need to have respite and not be disturbed.
  13. Have friends/family babysit one to two hours before the event so you can rest.
  14. Laugh if it off if something goes wrong. Find something positive in the negative.
  15. Take time to feel gratitude for all that is in your life. This is energizing.
  16. If you are feeling overwhelmed, give yourself permission to PAUSE AND BREATHE.
  17. And remember, it is okay to ask for help.

Do you have other suggestions that you use?

Enjoy the holiday season!

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