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Chronic Babe

For women created by a woman. Jenni is full of energy and optimism, reaching thousands of women who have chronic health issues. She has a blog, a private forum and Facebook page, informational videos and more. Check it out. She will get you feeling inspired!

Chronic Mom

Shellley, diagnosed with Lyme Disease and Fibromyalgia, offers a informational blogs about coping with pain and a Facebook page for people to connect.

My Cuppa Jo

Joletta (Jo for short) also experiences chronic pain and has a blog full of thought provoking blogs related to pain. She is full of knowledge and introduced me to many of the new theories related to the science of pain.

Jo and her colleague, Beth, also who experiences chronic pain, have created a nonprofit organization, called, Endless Possibilities


----------------Chronic Pain/Illness Programs ----------------
Online and in-person programs that help support and empower people with chronic illnesses and pain

The Endless Possibilities Initiative

Joletta and Beth provide workshops and an annual retreat. “Through pain science education, mindfulness, movement, creativity and adventure we learn more about ourselves and what’s possible and practice strategies for living well.

Darla Bruno Integrative Wellness Coach

Besides individual coaching, Darla offers a Recovery Toolkit, providing online self-healing courses that you can take at your own pace. A Healing School offers “in-person” online classes for women, a forum, and coaching calls. “Classes are designed to support you in  every facet of your life, including meditation, yoga, breathwork, boundaries, emotions, mind-body tools, and all the basic principles of recovery.”


-----------Informational Websites------------

Related to Pain:

 Academy of Integrative Pain Medicine

American Academy of Pain Medicine

American Chronic Pain Association – Information on research, pain management tools, offers tools and charts to use during a doctor visit depending on diagnosis, a shop that offers empowering videos “Pathways Through Pain” 

Body in Mind – Research into the role of body & mind in chronic pain

Institute for Chronic Pain – Ideas that are changing pain

International Association for the Study of Pain

Massachusetts Pain Initiative – Run by people who experience pain, advocates, caregivers, healthcare providers to provide community awareness, education programs, and advocate for supportive pain management laws and regulations to support 

Reconciling Biomechanics with Pain Science, Greg Lehman – a wonderful resource with a FREE 70-page, downloadable ebook that teaches a pain science and strategies for pain management

(for) Caregivers: Family Caregiver Alliance – offers online education and community support for caregivers

US Pain Foundation – Founded by someone who experiences chronic pain to educate and advocate for others. Also, Join the Heroes of Healing, an online community where people support and inspire one another, 

Cancer: American Cancer Society

Chronic Fatigue:  Chronic Fatigue and Immune Dysfunction Syndrome of America


National Fibromyalgia Association Newsletter

National Fibromyalgia Partnership

Lyme: American Lyme Disease Foundation

Myopain: International Myopain Society

Additional Sites:

National Center for Homeopathy

National Association Newsletter

Rest Ministries and Hope Keepers

Sleep- How Sleep Works and Recommendations – by Tuck Sleep: Evidenced-based sleep health information, news, and unbiased product reviews

Social Security Administration

Social Security Claims Representative


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