Helpful Apps

Below are apps to help track and increase mood, sleep, feelings of gratitude, and well-being. Also are apps for pain and medication management. Let me know if you would like me to add any others that you know of!

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Apps

CBT-iCoach – using CBT to help with insomnia
Cognitive Diary CBT Self-Help (for Androids) – write down negative thoughts and have them challenged
Mayo Clinic Anxiety Coach ($4.99) – for generalized anxiety, social anxiety, phobias, panic disorder, OCD. Identify your fear and it will give you tasks to help overcome your fear
Moodkit ($4.99) Designed by CB therapists, journal, track mood, toolkit offering techniques to reduce negative thoughts
Pacifica for Stress and Anxiety (free) – tracks mood, health habits, offers audio activities for relaxation, offers community groups to join, and can save information to share with your doctor

Exercise Apps

Healure (free) – video app that offers physiotherapy exercises for various pain conditions, such as: back pain, shoulder pain, elbow, or wrist pain.
The Back Doctor (free) – video tutorials for stretching and exercising, developed by doctors specializing in back and neck pain (for Android and iPhone)


Gratitude Apps

Grateful: A Grateful Journal (free) – offers reminders, journal and add pictures and export to print if you’d like, can set it to be reminded of happy thoughts you journaled. This is the one I used and enjoyed. Read about it on my blog post: Gratitude
Happy Feed – Gratitude Journal (free)
365 Gratitude Journal – offers daily prompts

Meditation Apps

Calm: Meditation to Relax, Sleep, Relieve Anxiety and Lower Stress – ($4.99/month for a yr or $12.99/month) – Meditations, Mediation class, Sleep Stories
Happify – Measures your emotional wellbeing and offers helpful solutions to change negative thoughts and increase sense of happiness
Headspace: Meditation and Mindfulness Made Simple  (free trial)
Insight Timer (free) – Offers timer and also offers over 320,000 meditations, also with guided imagery meditations for kids. This is what I use and it even offered a 365 meditation challenge last year. You can bookmark mediations.
Smiling Mind (free) – Meditations for adults, teens, and children
Stop, Breathe & Think: Guided Meditations & Mindfulness (free or can upgrade) – Offers different meditations, including ones that are 3- and 5-minutes

Mood Tracker Apps

Daylio (free) – diary, journal, mood tracker
Live Happy (free) – based on positive psychology, podcasts with interviews, offering ideas for happier life
My Mood Tracker – tracks mood, energy, and anxiety, sleep, exercise. There is also an online version at

Pain Management Apps

CatchMyPain ($3.99) There is also CatchMyPainForum App– tracks pain location, stress, anxiety, fatigue mood. Also offers forum for people with chronic pain to connect. Check out their online page at: Catchmypain
Chronic Pain Tracker (free, pro is $3.99) – track and categorize pain, triggers, duration. Can share data electronically or print
Curable (free to $12.99/mo) – this is a great app. Both versions offer a 45 min. educational audio on pain science that is very good. There are writing and identifying emotions exercises that are very good. Podcasts and recovery stories are also available. 
FibroMapp ($2.99) – tracks quantity and quality of sleep and pain, and medication tracker. Can create a pdf report
Manage My Pain (free, pro is $3.99, for Android) – symptom tracker, creates charts and data to show doctor
MyPainDiary ($4.99) – tracks pain and keeps track of flare-ups and weather changes, etc. Sets medications and appointment reminders. Can send info to doctor and keep what you want private
WebMD Mobile Pain Coach (free) – track pain location, symptoms, triggers and print report. Also offers helpful articles on eating, exercise, treatment, relaxation
Pain Coach Application ((Veterans click here) – tracks pain and its impact on activities, provides self-assessment tests, recommendations for veteran and caregiver, educational material and pain

Medication Reminder Apps

 Dosecast (free) – reminder, flexible scheduling, track dose history and compliance, keep photos of your pills, store adherence to medication, sends refill reminders
My Pain Diary – helps track symptoms and their locations, and medication log
Pill Reminder by Medisafe (free)– reminder that also offers education, helpful tips, progress reports, checks for interactions between meds, can alert another if you forget to take your medicine
Carezone – Medication reminder that tracks adherence. To make things easy, take a picture of your pill bottles and the details automatically import to your mobile app and you can print the schedule out as well. Record symptoms, instructions, can info. Has calendar for medical appointments that can sync with your calendar.
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