Tip of the Week

Below are some quick tips that help me, in hopes that some may help you too.

Pick a tip and try it for 1 day, or perhaps, 1 week. A fun idea is to print this onto card stock and draw a card each day or week.

When you try the pain management tip, notice:
- Does your outlook change a little?
- Do you feel more self-compassion or more frustration?
- Does your attitude towards and beliefs about pain change for a moment?
- Do the sensations of pain change for a moment or longer?
- Are you able to feel some calmness, happiness, or sense of control, even if for 2 minutes?

My favorite is telling myself, "I am here for you." I take one solid minute to feel the effects. It's like taking a bath in self-compassion. The one I need to work on is definitely taking a nap when I need to, or at least taking a mini break.

I'd love to hear which ones you liked!

Emotional Body Mapping

Here is a great technique to learn how much our thoughts and emotions effect our body. Draw a shape of a gingerbread man/woman. On a separate paper, list of thoughts you have. Then one by one, say that thought and notice what emotion you feel and where in your body, and mark it on the gingerbread person. Any negative thoughts, change to positive and notice what you feel and how the sensation changes in that area of your body.

Golden Paste Recipe 

This is great for anti-inflammation and to promote sleep. It tastes good with a little coconut or almond milk added and warmed before bedtime.    

                 1/2 turmeric (I use Banyan Products)                                 1-2 cups water (enough to keep it from burning)                                 — Cook 7 Minutes —                                                        Add: 1/3 cup ghee or coconut oil                           1/2 tsp black pepper

 Mix, cover, refrigerate

States in white with dark background I AM ENOUGH

Look into the mirror and repeat this first to yourself, then aloud. Notice the difference. It is one thing to say affirmations, and another to feel them. Really feel this affirmation. If you have trouble feeling it, try placing your hand on your heart or your solar plexus and repeat the words.

picture of minion in life preserver saying I just been diagnosed with NCD. No CAn DO

It’s so difficult keeping up with our fast paced world when living with pain. We have to really focus on taking breaks when we need so to prevent flare-up.

Pick a day or an hour and give yourself permission to say no to the “To Dos” and say “No Can Do”

Picture of cat sleeping with comment that sometimes we need to give ourselves permission to take a cat nap
5 Reiki Principles
woman placing hand on heart showing self-love

Today I'll Look for Joy
Wherever I Go

Boy splashing in rain puddles wearing red boots against gray background
Stones that say Dream, Courage, Inspire, Harmony

Pick a stone to focus on for the day. At the end of the day, journal about your experience.

Positive Psychology


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